Super Mario Typing Bros is kind of like the original Super Mario we all know from Nintendo, but instead of moving with a D-Pad you use random keys. You can play with up to two players.

You can find SMTB here as well for a more lightweight client:


  • 1-2 players
  • Look at the top to see your controls (default: WASD for p1 and IJKL for p2)
  • For singleplayer, use the full keyboard and two hands
  •  For multiplayer, split the keyboard down the middle (between T and Y) and each player uses 1 hand (2 if you can fit them comfortably).
  • The key that changes next will be highlighted red so you can prepare
  • Flags will increase movement speed and how fast your controls change
  • Press M on the death screen to return to the menu if you need to change player amount
  • Press space during the intro to skip

All art and sound assets are property of Nintendo and NOT owned by me. 

Coding and design are by me.

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